Annual Appeal 2019

Left: Larry meeting some of New York’s finest on a recent trip to New York City.
Middle: Larry at the Syracuse Auto Dealers Association’s Charity Preview.
Right: Larry on the train in to New York City.

For Larry, his work as a Library Assistant at Syracuse University’s Law Library is a true passion. So AccessCNY created a network of support to help Larry do what he loves.

At AccessCNY’s clinic, Larry works on maintaining the physical strength and dexterity he needs to be independent. The Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities (TRAID) Center at AccessCNY assists Larry with finding the right technology to help him do his job comfortably. And our Supported Employment program has been a crucial partner in helping Larry navigate workplace accommodations.

These vital services help more than 3,000 people live their best lives each year. However they would not be possible without community support.

Please help an AccessCNY participant live their best life with your gift today.