AccessCNY offers a variety of clinic services. Speech and Language Pathology services help individuals increase their communication abilities so they can participate more fully in all aspects of life. Therapy services assist to improve phonology and articulation, decrease stuttering, improve oral motor skills and improve receptive and expressive language skills.  We also offer services for Augmentative and Adaptive Communication (AAC) for individuals using assistive devices to generate speech.

Individuals with sensory integration issues can be either “over responsive” or “under responsive” in any one of the sensory systems (touch, taste, smell, etc.) or have a combination of both. AccessCNY provides multi-sensory experiences for people with a variety of sensory deficits. Individuals who have difficulty receiving, processing or responding to sensory information may demonstrate decreased attention span, limited social interaction, tactile defensiveness and/or over/under reaction to sensory inputs.

Physical therapy services help individuals increase their functional abilities and independence so they can participate more fully in all aspects of life. Therapy services assist to facilitate motor activity and learning, increase strength and endurance, improve balance and coordination, increase range of motion and relieve pain.



Monica Cappa
Referral Coordinator
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