Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy services help individuals increase their communication abilities so they can participate more fully in all aspects of life. Therapy services assist to:

  • Improve phonology and articulation
  • Decrease stuttering
  • Improve oral motor skills
  • Improve receptive and expressive language skills

Many people with developmental, physical and health-related disabilities can benefit from speech and language therapy.

Speech-language pathologists can also evaluate and make recommendations for a variety of augmentative communication devices.


We believe in a hands-on approach to therapy. Speech and language therapy practitioners work one-to-one with each participant. During an initial evaluation, the therapist and participant identify goals that can be addressed through speech therapy. The individualized treatment plan is modified as skills progress.


Located in our LEED®-certified green building, AccessCNY’s state-of-the-art wellness center is an ideal environment for therapy services. A variety of equipment and resources are available to address the needs of each participant. The adjacent family waiting area features comfortable furniture and play activities.



Monica Cappa
Referral Coordinator
Phone: 315-410-3319 | Fax: 315-455-1087



Referrals for services are accepted from families, service coordinators, physicians, therapists, and others. Physician prescription is required prior to receiving services.

There is a fee for services. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, private pay, and alternate funding sources are accepted. Assistance is available to help individuals obtain funding.