Spaulding Respite

Spaulding Respite Services provide a safe place for individuals with developmental disabilities to relax, explore their interests and connect with the community… all while giving parents/caregivers time to recharge themselves.

AccessCNY has two respite houses- the Crystal House and the Guest House- which both provide regular respite opportunities in small groups. 

Types of Respite

  1. Afternoon/Evening Respite- The afternoon/evening respite program runs weekdays from 4:00-8:00pm. During the program individuals gather to enjoy activities and eating a meal together before going home for the night.

   2. Weekend Overnight Respite- Individuals participating in the weekend overnight program         stay at one of our respite houses from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. During this         time guests have the opportunity to spend time with friends, participate in leisure activities,         have meals together and just enjoy their time away from home.

AccessCNY pre-screens every Spaulding Respite participant to allow for people with similar interests and abilities to be placed in groups together.  Respite is offered in a friendly supervised setting by staff trained to provide any necessary care. 

We are currently accepting referrals from adults with developmental disabilities who live with their family. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any adult (18+) with an intellectual or developmental disability who lives in the community with their family.

The individual must also be approved for waiver services through the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities.

Lots! We go out into the community as often as possible to take advantage of local events, restaurants, movies, etc. When at the respite house we also facilitate activities that the attendees are interested in. Activities can include crafts, video games, puzzles, spa nights or even just the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Our staff are trained to provide any personal care, behavioral or medical support the guests may need during their stay.

We usually keep groups to 4-5 people. Occasionally we host larger groups during the day. During the pandemic, these numbers are liable to change based on current safety guidelines. 

AccessCNY’s respite program is scheduled. Guests attend in groups on a rotating basis, with respite opportunities being scheduled every 4-7 weeks. Guests and their families are informed of the schedule at the beginning of each year. 

For individuals interested in more respite time, there are occasionally opportunities to be a “substitute” if another guest cancels. 

Our respite homes have implemented a variety of safety precautions. They include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-screening all staff, visitors and guests for symptoms
  • Taking temperature readings on arrival
  • Screening temperature throughout the weekend (once in the morning and once at night)
  • Following a strict disinfecting protocol 3 times a day, before and after meals, and between bathroom uses
  • Limiting groups to a maximum of 5 people
  • Encouraging guests to wear masks when in communal areas
  • Limiting outings to only one per day (locations must be socially distant and clean)

Re-opening plans for our respite services can be found below:


Kate Maybury
Program Director- DD/ABI Residential
Phone: 315-218-1645