Bridge Services

The Bridge program helps AccessCNY participants already enrolled in other agency programs by connecting program participants with staff who will act as advocates and liaisons to help them achieve their maximum level of independent living.

The service helps program participants identify goals they have for themselves and then supports their efforts to achieve them. This program is entirely voluntary and participants can choose to stop at any time, allowing participants to have a high degree of control over their goals.

Staff can help participants with goals big and small including:

• Obtaining entitlements such as SSI, PA, Medicaid, etc.
• Accessing housing subsidies
• Medical issues like locating appropriate doctors, making, keeping appointments
• Budgeting
• Navigating the process for obtaining a Representative Payee
• Housing issues
• Finding appropriate psychiatric support (Therapists, etc.)

Services are provided one-on-one through a staff person who will collaborate with participants to improve their quality of life while engaging with the community around them.



Melanie Greene
Senior Program Manager
Phone: (315) 218-0850 | Fax: (315) 478-3118