Residential Programs

Our Mental Health Residential Program provides (Office of Mental Health) OMH Certified Housing in community residences and apartment settings. With an emphasis on providing person-centered services and in partnership, the following supports and services are available:

  • Emphasis on person-centered planning.
  • Various living environments to meet individual needs.
  • Supports include the availability of settings with 24 hour-a-day staff.
  • Skill teaching in areas such as budgeting, shopping, meal preparation, use of public transportation, as well as the development of interpersonal skills.
  • Assistance with the self-administration of medications.
  • Assistance in identifying the need for health care and in obtaining good health care.
  • Assistance in obtaining and maintaining mental health care.
  • Coordination of individualized services.
  • Support with creating and following addiction recovery plans.



Eric Boye
Associate Director – Mental Health Housing Services
Phone: 315-218-0822 | Fax: 315-478-3118